We’re attorneys, not businessmen.

I am an attorney. I’m not actively involved in technology development anymore. I don’t run a technology business, nor a business that develops new technology to run its business.

Why does this matter? Well, most patent attorneys are just like me. We draft patent applications, we argue the merits of an invention with the patent office, we draft contracts and court motions. We do not, however, for the most part, develop new technology. So, what I’m really getting around to saying is… Don’t rely solely on your patent attorney on the decision of whether to file a patent.

Sure, patent attorneys can give advice (perhaps after doing a search) as to whether an invention might be patentable. But we might not have any particular insight as to whether an invention might become a huge commercial success. For a good example, I refer you to the below TED talk given by Nicholas Negroponte, who discusses a very well-written Ph.D. thesis from one of his students at the MIT Media Lab.

Here’s the whole talk.

Skip to 7:45 for the comment’s I’m referring to – or simply click this link to go straight there.

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